Can-Am Sypder F3 & RT (2019+): Front Fender Reflectors w/ Sequential Turn Signals


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Can-Am Spyder 2019+ F3 & RT Front Fender Sequential LED Turn Signals & Running Lights by TricLED
One of the most popular Can-Am Spyder lighting upgrades we sell is our SpyderFenderz for the 2013-18 Spyder line-up, this product converts your boring OE Reflectors to led reflectors that feature built in sequential running light and turn signal functionality. As you may know Can-Am Updated the front fenders for both the F3 and RT lineup in the 2019 model year. So we’ve partnered up with our friends over TricLED to bring you guys the popular SpyderFenderz for all 2019 and newer F3 & RT models. This kit features DOT Style reflectors, so that when your ignition is off.. your beloved Spyder can be seen at night when parked in unlit areas. Once the ignition is turned on, you’ll immediately notice the bright LED illumination of both the amber and red running lights. These front fender lights are not only running lights, but feature integrated “sequential” led turn signal functionality, versus just a standard blinker. The sequential style LEDs not only look stunning.. but drastically increases your visibility when out on the open road during the day or night.

Now, although this fender kit is for all 2019+ F3 & RT Models. The 2019 RT & RT Limited have a slightly different installation on the harnessing, as you’ll have to go up to the side view mirror to tap in the turn signal wire, so we’ve split this sku into two separate items as the installation slightly differs. If you plan on adding any of our additional TricLED Lighting Products down the road, like our Dual A-Arm Strips, you may consider purchasing our optional 1:2 splitter. The 1:2 splitter taps off the same power harness as the fender lights and gives you plug n play expansion for other lighting mods, so that you don’t have to remove your front fenders again in the future. This 1:2 harness would be zip-tied to your upper a-arm and lie dormant until you get your next lighting mod, making expansion a very simply plug n’ play process.

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