Dodge Ram (02-05) 1500 2500 Pre-Built MoriMoto HID Projector Headlight Assembly w/Harness


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Why wait for your custom headlight build when you can purchase pre-built with gloss black projectors with no downtime or looking for a ride…..Although, if your not pressured for time, then we can accommodate your desired color around the projector shroud with no extra cost added 👍🏼

Just simply wire in your relay harness, mount your headlights and start seeing the light with these factory OEM looking projectors as if it came straight from the dealership in the 90s!

Elite THF ballast & Morimoto HID bulbs to are included in this HID projector system! These projectors aren’t your typical cheap aftermarket such as SPYDERS/EAGLES EYEZ, you can actually achieve road visibility with these. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about that crisp badass cutoff line like the high-end cars!

Output: We’ll just start with the hotspot. It’s on par with the Mini D2S 4.0 and an XB 45K Bulb / XB55 ballast, and about 20% brighter than it’s closest HID-based competitor: the CNLight i-lens. The Kuria optic clear lens and curved cutoff shield produce a beam pattern that’s plenty wide, with an ECE-sloped cutoff that’s super sharp, colorful. Rather than off-the-shelf HIDs like early HIDprojectors in the aftermarket, the uses a specially developed CSP chipset from Seoul SemiConductor.

HID Projector Physically: It has a lot going for it too. The threaded mounting shaft can be removed from the projector to free up almost an inch of depth for those who don’t need/want. The wiring is clean, out of the way, and can be disconnected with ease. The precision and existence of mostly die-cast (rather than stamped) parts in the cutoff shield mechanism make for a slop-free setup and convey quality over cost savings. It could pass for an OEM part.

Warranty: 1 year on seal and parts

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