HID System H7: Morimoto THF Elite


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5500K BULBS: Warm White ~6800 lumens-  Best Visibility

6500K BULBS: Diamond White ~6400 lumens- Most Popular

50W BALLASTS: (+20% intensity) (-20%:1-1.5 year less lifespan) (-1000K color) – Heat temps may cause burn marks over time- Visual Impairment to oncoming vehicles may cause a traffic ticket. Warranty: 2 years

ACCLAIMED: Morimoto THF Elite Systems are recognized in the auto lighting industry as being among the best HID conversion kits available on the aftermarket. You might find a cheaper “solution” online, but buyer beware — you get what you pay for. We put this H7 HID conversion kit to the test, and nothing about it disappointed. But don’t take our word for it. Check the specs and read the Reviews from real customers like you.HID BALLASTS: The XB ballasts included in the HID H7 kit are a thing of beauty to automotive lighting nerds like us. An industrial-edge design on the outside provides the style you’re looking for, while inside an ultra reliable DSP 3.0 circuit delivers optimal input and output efficiency. Underestimate the importance of fast warming, high performing ballasts at your own peril! These will get your system to where it needs to be, and it will look great doing it.

WIRING: You can put together the best components possible in an H7 HID conversion kit (and by the way, Morimoto probably has), but if you don’t include quality wiring, the long-term outlook is dark. Morimoto THF HID kits don’t skimp when it comes to the wiring. You get a relay harness with 14-gauge stranded copper wire that’s an OEM look-alike wrapped in durable black tech-flex mesh. All-new sealed double 40A relays and over-molded fittings ensure everything works, and your system remains reliable over a long service life. Plug-n-play functionality and no cutting or splicing equal clean and easy installation — just the way we like it!

CANBUS READY: Want to avoid annoying “bulb out” error messages you get when installing an HID kit on certain European vehicles? Optional Standalone Canbus harnesses are designed with smart technology that actually tricks the automobile into thinking its original factory equipment was never removed. A major system upgrade and a no blinking dashboard warnings — what more could you want?

GUARANTEED PERFORMANCE: Many online sources claim to stand behind their products, but when there’s actually a problem, they disappear like roaches when the light goes on. Our headlight upgrade and H7 HID fog light kits come with a 5-year warranty on all included components*. Plus, we’re there when you need us with customer service and after-sale support from real car guys who have installed and used these products in our own vehicles. [*XB55 kits have 3-year warranty]

USERS SAY YES: So many auto enthusiasts have successfully used these HID conversion kits on all different cars and trucks. You don’t have to look far to find evidence of how easy the install process really is.


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THF Ballasts

35W THF Ballast, 50W THF Ballast (Not Recommended)

THF Bulbs

5500K Bulbs: Warm White (Best Visibility), 6500k Bulbs: Diamond White (Most Popular)