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THF’s hottest custom product installation in 2k15 is the “halo” headlights, also known as “angel eyes” or “demon eyes.” If you’ve seen glowing “rings” inside of headlights, you’ve seen halo headlights! THF halo system is the most effective lighting accessory we offer for your vehicle! Best of all, you don’t have to replace your entire headlight housings because halos can be retrofitted into your existing O.E.M. “Original Manufacturers Equipment”headlight housings giving it that factory look straight from the dealership.

This Product is also used as DRLs “Daytime Running Lights”

You’re getting elite quality when you purchase a THF product, and that’s why all halo kits are backed by THF’s amazing Lifetime Limited Warranty!

LED, PLASMA & RGB Color Daze Halo Rings Available!



HID headlights provide better visibility than ordinary halogen bulbs. The difference is even more evident during poor driving conditions. A significant percentage of road accidents take place during inclement weather, especially at night. HID lights allow drivers to overcome these conditions by providing up to 3 times more light. Added visibility contributes to driver confidence, which provides for a more relaxed, safer driver. Remarkably, HID lights are able to provide greater light output with less power consumption. Studies show that a 35 Watt HID lamp produced 3 times as much light compared to a 55-Watt halogen bulb. Also, the 55 Watt halogen bulb uses a continuous power draw of 10-15 amps, while the HID system uses 20 for start-ups but drops to a mere 3 amps during operation. In addition to high output and low power usage, your HID headlights provide a longer service life. Under normal driving conditions, the bulbs will last approximately 4 years (3000 hours). That’s up to 4 times as long as an ordinary halogen lamp. Digital HID Conversion Kits can be the perfect edition to most HID Kits.


The HID Factory now offers a wide variety of LED interior lighting solutions. Whether you are looking for Dome, Door, Under the Dash, Back Seat, Trunk, License Plate, or anywhere you can stick a bulb lighting, we have exactly what you need. At the HID Factory, the possibilities are endless!

When it comes to automotive lighting, we’ve got you covered!

Get rid of those ugly stock bulbs. With LEDs from The HID Factory, you can easily change the color of the interior of your vehicle with a Luxurious cool white lighting. (we also offer blue, red and yellow) LEDs will enhance the look of your vehicle while providing more powerful lighting while using less wattage.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Lights are for More than just looks!

They are unaffected by vibration like filament bulbs

Produce almost no heat

Won’t drain your battery if left on overnight

Longer lasting

Produce 18X the light of your stock bulbs


Are you ready to be seen at night? Are you ready to show people what your vehicle is capable of doing?  “Start seeing the Light” with our single color/RGB color changing LED kits today.



Have you ever driven in a high-end luxury vehicle at night and notice the perfect “cut-off” line of light? That vehicle’s headlights were equipped with top quality projector lenses. Projectors dramatically enhance and completely change the appearance of your vehicle’s front end.

Projectors dramatically enhance and completely change the appearance of your vehicle’s front end. Whether you are looking for a more “exotic” style, or want that truly custom effect, adding Projectors to your headlights will definitely do the trick. But we don’t just stop there…..

Introducing The HID Factory OEM Projector Retrofit:

We take your headlight

Add a projector

We can CUSTOM paint the housing

Customize it to make it look like it’s from the factory!


We don’t use that cheap tint stuff, only PPG translucent paint with clear coat, gloss, flat black & or even the same color as your car! This is the professional way of smoking your taillights or headlights! We “Do it right the first time,” so you don’t have to worry down the road.




We provide professional dealership quality headlight restorations and service to several dealerships around town. If your ready to make your headlights have “life” again then please schedule an appointment today.

$79.99 per pair with a 6 month warranty. This keeps all our customer's HID Kits looking like they came straight from the showroom floor.


Some films on the market have low heat rejection. Don’t waste your money! We offer up to 99{adb75e94be477238d081b93937739258d222ecc5d6e49c1a21f75f4b3cfcda23} blockage of UV rays and 80{adb75e94be477238d081b93937739258d222ecc5d6e49c1a21f75f4b3cfcda23} of infrared heat protecting you and your car!

HID Factory Window Tinting starts at just $149 w/ LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Your Car or SUV will be cooler!

Your air conditioner will not have to run as long

You will save gas

Tint never turns purple from the heat