05-13 Corvette Lenses


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-DOT approved
-Proprietary coating
-Special UV inhibitor
-Unique anti-fog protection
-Do-it-yourself and save money
-Use gaskets 393567 and sealant 393579
NOTE: The replacing of these lenses requires heat gun and time. It is recommended that you have a professional body shop do this due to removal of the fenders.Until now, your only choice for replacing damaged headlight lenses on C6 Corvettes was to buy a whole new headlight assembly from GM for over $1,000.00! Now you can replace the lens with these OE (original equipment) lenses and save a lot of cash. Unlike low priced, off-shore knock-offs, you can be assured this lens will fit perfectly and has some very important proprietary features the knock-offs cannot duplicate. For starters, these OE headlight lenses have a proprietary coating which means your lenses have a unique anti-fog protection and a special UV inhibitor to insure you’re getting the very best lens possible. For those of you who are do-it-yourselfers replacing your own lenses is a great option and why not do it with an original equipment replacement.