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MORIMOTO: Has always been our go-to-guys when it came to HID, and when they released their line of LED products, we had our doubts. Performance left a little to be desired compared to some of the more refined models on the market. BUT (and that’s a big BUT) that has since changed with the new Morimoto X-VF (Virtual Filament) bulbs! While in all-honesty Morimoto didn’t exactly nail it the first time around on the XB LED bulbs, what we have from them today is about as modern as it gets and much more in-line with the quality and performance we’ve all come to expect from the brand.

INSTANT: Beautiful, bright light. Nearly infinite life span. Great for signal, marker, brake, and tail lights. The new Morimoto X-VF LED bulbs are an instant upgrade in the looks and performance for the lighting on your car from bumper to bumper.

SO WHAT’S NEW WITH VERSION TWO? Whereas the now discontinued XB bulbs were really only designed to “look cool” and be “bright” – we all know the saying “power is nothing without control” and that was really the focus behind the new Morimoto X-VF bulbs. These 7443 LED bulbs utilize far more refined optics that distribute light in every direction, most notably improving the side and rear-ward spread. What that means for you? By making full use of all the facets in any turn/brake signal housing – The Morimoto X-VF are way brighter! (and they still look cool!)

FADE-ON-FUNCTION: Morimoto’s new fade-on function drivers are pretty unique too compared to any other bulbs on the market. Utilized on the switchback version of the Morimoto XV-F bulbs, the drivers gradually ramp up the intensity of the white when it kicks back on after the amber signal is turned off. A small detail, but a neat one none the less.

FORD AND TOYOTA VEHICLES: There are known issues with how the factory wiring functions using the Morimoto X-VF switchback bulbs. Because of these known issues, we cannot recommend these 7443 LED bulbs for Ford or Tacoma / Tundra vehicles at this time.

MAKE CONTACT: Thin wire contacts? CK? Non CK? All of that is so 2015! To ensure perfect contact at the base of the bulbs, Morimoto has spec’d fat boy (aka wide) contacts – which are much less likely to bend out of the way or break off. In addition, there is now NO NEED to worry whether you have a CK or Non-CK circuit – since the drivers are now universal. We think that in and of itself is an amazing convenience.

CAN-BUS: The Morimoto X-VF 7443 LED bulbs are can-bus friendly and should not cause “lamp out” errors in MOST applications. If however your vehicle requires more resistance, we recommend using the Morimoto HD Load Resistors which will instantly and safely resolve any issues there.

PROTECTED: Heat management is crucial for reliability when it comes to LEDs. Using just six LED chips to produce peak output, the Morimoto X-VF LED generates less heat compared to other 7443 LED bulbs that sometimes use up to 48 chips. The CREE XB-D LEDs are mounted inside the lens, which sits atop a ribbed aluminum heat sink. Inside; an integrated thermal resistor reduces output as a secondary level of protection.

CREE LEDS: For more info on what’s inside, you can download the CREE Data sheet on the emitters that Morimoto uses in the X-VF 7443 LED bulbs.


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7443: Profile Peak (Switchback), 7443: Profile Peak (White), 7443: Profile Peak (Amber), 7443: Profile Peak (Red)


Without Resistor, With Resistor (Prevents Hyber Flash & Error Codes) +$19.99